Objectives of Writing Classes

In A1 and A2 levels, writing classes include teaching and practicing paragraph writing. Once the students start B1 level, they start learning how to write short essays. Throughout the academic year, students also practice email writing, using Microsoft Word to write essays and writing bibliographies in Chicago style.


Writing Objectives


Students can write short simple paragraphs on topics such as describing a family member, a city, a county, the weather, etc. They can fill in forms with personal details and they can write about the present and past in simple sentences.


Students can write short simple paragraphs relating to familiar topics. They can understand the elements of a good paragraph, unity in a paragraph and topic sentences.

B1 Students start making essays with their paragraphs. They learn about parts of an essay, unity and coherence in essay writing. They can outline a simple essay on familiar topics with more details and descriptions.
B2 Students can write more detailed essays with supporting ideas and examples. They can argue or support an idea, and can convey a message to the reader from their point of view.
C1 Students can express themselves clearly with different types of essays. They can write about complex subjects and support their ideas more effectively and with language appropriate to the reader and the essay type.