Writing Regulations

  1. Regulations for Writing Quizzes
    • There should be nothing on or under the desks apart from pencils, pens, erasers and the quiz papers.
    • In case of cheating, student completes the quiz, but the student is asked to write a defense and the paper is evaluated by a commission of instructors.
  2. Regulations for Delay
    • If the student has a health report, she or he can take the writing quiz the following Monday after regular classes under the supervision of an instructor.
    • If the student hasn’t completed the writing quiz and provides no excuse, the grade is Zero (0).

    * For any emergency situations like an accident or a funeral, students need to contact the main course teacher or the writing coordinator.

  3. Regulations for Plagiarism
    • In case of any kind of plagiarism, the student gets Zero (0). That includes any case when the student doesn’t write the assignment himself/herself; such as taking some parts from a website, having somebody else write it or using Google Translate, etc.
  4. Regulations for Off-Topic Papers
    • If it is obvious from a quiz paper that the student has memorized all the sentences that are completely irrelevant to the topic and therefore, the whole writing is off-topic, the grade will be Zero (0). This does not include instances when a few sentences are not connected to the general idea.
  5. Student Complaint
    • In cases when students want a change in their grades or have a complaint about writing, they must fill in the ‘Academic Record Appeal Form’ or the ‘Student Complaint Form’ and give it to the Writing Coordinator.