Are you human?

The students of Class New York have created a test in which some bizarre and natural situations that all people might have experienced throughout their lives can be found. The inspiration behind the test is the TED Talk video of Ze Frank, who is a public speaker and humorist. (The link to the Ted Talk:

Below, the test can be found with so many thought-provoking and sometimes amusing questions. If you are brave enough, please take the test and see if you are human or not :)


Are you human?

Be honest. No one will judge you upon your answers. Only “Yes” or “No” accepted. Do not forget to count your replies.

  1. Have you ever suddenly started laughing while crying?
  2. Have you ever done something embarrassing in public?
  3. Have you ever done something extremely dumb then reasoned it as "you only live once"?
  4. Have you ever cut a worm in half?
  5. Have you ever felt ashamed taking a selfie on public transport?
  6. Have you ever created a social media account to stalk someone?
  7. Have you ever eaten paper?
  8. Have you ever secretly photographed anyone?
  9. Have you ever given someone a spoiler about the movie they've been waiting for?
  10. Have you ever written a cringe poem or a letter to your crush?
  11. Have you ever spoiled little children's games?
  12. Have you ever messaged anyone from a fake account?
  13. Have you ever worn dirty socks for more than 1 week?
  14. Have you ever purposely stuck gum in someone’s hair?
  15. Have you ever spat in someone’s drink before?
  16. Have you ever drunk any kind of drink, laughed, and had it come out your nose?
  17. Have you ever caused a couple to break up?
  18. Have you ever thought what's gonna happen after your death?
  19. Have you ever seen a child smarter than most of adults?
  20. Have you ever flattered your parents into giving you money?
  21. Have you ever told someone that you wanna sleep just to show that you’re angry?
  22. Have you ever beaten your guest's kid?
  23. Have you ever stuck your head between the balcony rails?
  24. Have you ever thrown your cousin’s shoes in the well?
  25. Have you ever tried to touch spikes of a hedgehog?
  26. Have you ever put your blame on your brother or sister?
  27. Have you ever believed that storks have brought you to life?
  28. Have you ever thought if celebrities go to restroom?
  29. Have you ever taken an escalator from the opposite direction?

 Congratulations! You now have come to the end of the test. If you said mostly “Yes”, congratulations again. You are a human.