Writing Assessment Procedures

In the ELPP teaching writing process, writing assessment is carried out based on the assessment criteria for each level. Students in A1 and A2 levels learn about paragraph writing and their assignments are graded using the paragraph assessment criteria. However, students in B1 level or higher learn about essay writing and their papers are evaluated based on the essay writing criteria.

Grading procedure for writing assignments:

  1. The Writing Coordinator collects all the first drafts from the students on Friday and distributes the papers among the writing instructors to be checked.
  2. Students write their numbers and initials on writing quiz papers so that the instructors would not know whose papers they are grading.
  3. Instructors evaluate only the level that they are teaching.
  4. Instructors grade their own classes only for the first task in the first two tracks. For the others, they never grade their own classes. Instructors that teach the same level swap papers with each other.
  5. After first grading, instructors swap papers (arranged by the Writing Coordinator) for double check. 8 random pages from each class are double-checked.
  6. While grading the first drafts, writing instructors use the error correction code to mark the errors.
  7. After using the error correction code, instructors also write feedback notes on the students’ papers to guide them about their strengths and weaknesses.
  8. For the final drafts, students write and send their writings to their instructors via email or upload their papers on Google Drive in a folder started by the instructor.
  9. For track exams, proficiency exams and end-of-year exams, all papers are graded by 2 different instructors.